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Music that you will have forgotten and theme songs that you’ll never forget. A mix of dreams and a live show that will take you Beyond Theatre.
About this Event

“Being 9 was boring. The homework was boring, Sundays were boring, helping out was boring, and I just got bored being bored. 

Then it happened.

It all changed. My life changed, the world changed, and even Mum’s nagging changed (  a bit ) and all because of a new addition to the family.

(No, not a baby!)]


Dad bought a television!

No longer did I have to imagine the faces on Radio Luxembourg, I could watch them on Top of The Pops! If I stared hard enough

at this tiny screen, I could get inside it. It was me at the London Palladium, and it was me, not Pete Murray, voting songs ‘A hit”. 

I could ask Hank, why did The Shadows kick their legs? Who did put the Bom in the Bom di Bom di Bom? What did  Whoop Bar Oh Yeh Yeh really mean? I was in there - I was really there, and my head was swimming.

Then it happened……, 

What do you mean what happened?


I began a journey of my lifetime, and, and - best you come to see for yourselves.”

Please note if postponed the date will be 2nd June.



Wed, Jun 02, 19:30PM - 21:30PM


The Trafford Centre,

Stretford, United Kingdom M17 8AA


£25.00 - £31.05

(excluding all taxes and fees)


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